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Cylinder manifold are an important element of gas management in the hospital. They ensure the supply with medical gases with controlled gas pressure.
1. Suitable gas manifold are Oxygen, O2, N2o, Air, Co2.
2. Upgradable platform
3. Integrated alarm systems

A Medical air compressor is the main component of a Medical air system and a type of air compressor that transforms power into potential energy in pressurized air, usually found in medical facilities and medical air plants.

Vacuum generation is an essential component of medical gas supply in any hospital. Be it surgery, anesthesia ,intensive care, and other parts of the hospital. A reliable vaccum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical routine.

Vaccum systems are consistently designed for uninterrupted supply. The key components of the vaccum systems are pump, control elements and filters.

Medical gas outlets are the point of provision of medical gases to patients. Medical Gas Outlets are terminal units of medical gas pipeline system providing quick and easy connection of medical gases.

Medical gas outlets can be offered in different standards like DIN (German Standards), BS (English Standards)

Medical Gas Alarms are used to provide information & warnings to medical & engineering staff about the supply of medical gases supplied from a central source (manifolds, compressed air plant etc.) & piped to the point of use.

The Alarm Management System allows comprehensive monitoring of your medical gas supply system.

Medical gas pipeline being used for number of diverse clinical applications and its piped delivery is a landmark achievement in the field of patient care. Patient safety is of paramount importance in design, installation and operation of medical gas pipeline systems, MGPS.

Medical gas copper pipe should adhere to medical standard 13348 and it should withstand high pressure and corrosion.

These pipes are extremely durable and can be easily installed for various medical gas pipeline applications.
Nowadays, MGPS system is required by all hospitals and it is mandatory in critical areas like OT and all care areas.

Area valve service unit are fitted to all medical gases and vaccum- services in a prominent and accessible position at the entry of OT, ICU and all critical areas.

ASVU panel is confirming to EN ISO 7396-1/0201 HTM 02-01 and contains in the metal box.

The part of the systems are shutoff valves, pressure gauges, gas specific connectors.

BPC Flow meters

The Back Pressure Compensated (BPC) flowmeter incorporates a rotary pin valve control to permit adjustment of the flow rate to any desired level between 0 – 15 ltrs/min and flow accuracy is unaffected by back pressure due to downstream restriction caused by humidifier, nebulizer etc.

Ward vaccum units

The ward section unit is precisely designed for high efficiency and minimum servicing. These units have regulator body that houses regulation of ON/OFF knob and a vaccum gauge. It comes in 600/1000,2000 ml capacity.

Theatre vaccum units

The unit will include one regulator having guage mounted on a trolley having capacity of 2000ML X 2 unbreakable virgin polycarbonate bottles where we have a provision to use either single jar or both together.

HP Tubings

It is extremely flexible, light weight and user friendly. Its considerable thickness ensures a retained profile. The well balanced reinforcement provides it with excellent dimensional stability.
The anti static layer is guaranteed of safety if used in hazardous environment.

LP Tubings

LP Tubings are made using superior quality antistatic rubber and have hardness of 70 Degree +/- 5 degree.

Connectors (Probes)

These are gas specific indexed probes

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